WELCOME to The Petz Pages (TPP), the new directory for petz site addresses. There have been previous sites with this idea, such as The Petz Directory or The Petz Hit List (which we both owned), so we don't claim the idea is original. Hopefully this site will help you find the addresses you are looking for in a quick and efficient way, without browsing 167806 links pages or forums. Menu is down there, websites are listed from A to Z, just click the letters to go to the different pages.

Last Updated: January 8th, 2010.
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If your link isn't in the directory and you would like a space here, feel free to contact us to lulimj@gmail.com. Any sites are accepted as long as they are petz related, meaning crew sites, hexing archives, adoption sites, hexing help sites, forums, etc. are all welcome. The best would be filling this form for a full submission and putting a decent name which can be nickname but not necessarily something like funkydog33...if you know what I mean, check a random letter to see examples of what is OK:

E-mail subject is "Submit Link"

Site Name*:

Site Address:
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*if you site's name is or starts with a number, let's say "123 Petz", your site will be listed in the "O" page because it's "OneTwoThree Petz (123 Petz)".
**you should put the petz version of the adoptions up at your site here; if they were bred in Petz 3 or 4 then put P3+, if they were bred in Petz 5 put P5, and if you have some adoptions bred in one and some adoptions bred in the other, then put P3+ & P5. This field is only necessary for adoption sites.

*** this will have to do with the new feature coming to TPP, it's just a graphic or banner to your site that has to be 88 pixels tall and 31 pixels long.


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